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A project in the Web 3.0 is rarely limited to a single-solution approach. It requires a balanced integration of cross-domain strategy and implementation. Our universal solutions take a client-first approach in bringing together the best of our services, expertise and networks to deliver desired value.

Universal Solutions

We like to tell our clients that think of Universal Solutions as an unique combo of services crafted to suit your needs. As we offer these services, our focus remains on creating an ultimate solution to the needs instead of pre-packaged offerings.

Specialized Research
Multiple Domains

Specialized Research

Research & data delivered on request with focus on specialized sectors, markets and applications.

We understand the significance of a well-conducted research with enriched data. We even go on to call ourselves a research-first company and our clients deeply value it. After all in the Web 3.0 space, without research, you can be as ignorantly lethal as misguided missile chasing the wrong targets.

Often our clients have specific research needs for internal and external purposes and they call onto us for curating this research for them. Our value is not derived from just a simple collection resources but stems from our ability to leverage historical understanding, research and analysis frameworks, partner networks, domain experience and most of all, a need-based unbiased collation of information.

Comprehensive Strategy
Holistically Customized

Comprehensive Strategy

Your go-to strategy for the Web 3.0 space covering all important bases with focus on long-term value creation.

Project after project, we have advocated for holistic standpoint of Web 3.0. It is not just about what individual technologies in the space can do but what they can do when put together in a balanced, relevant fashion along with current internet infrastructure. Comprehensive Strategy is where we shine.

Our primary recommendation to organizations looking for a long-term association with Web 3.0 is to opt for a comprehensive strategy and implement it in milestone-driven tranches. It is our deep belief that this how deeper customer relationships can be fostered and enterprise value can be created.

Resource Management
Globally Available

Resource Management

Your Project, Your Growth, Our People.

Similar to a regular consulting firm, we create project teams that are embedded into organizations to fulfil certain pre-determined objectives. We host a network of global resource centres and expert connections in order to create a team for you.

Our resource management doesn’t just come with our teams placed in your offices but also a series of other benefits. These teams are backed by solid institutional research capabilities of CosDec Alpha, our support centres, engagement with our senior leadership, a wide network of partners, local contacts and expert resources and much more.

While adapting to your culture and organizational goals, our teams bring a wealth of experience and power backing from a global company designed and focused on Web 3.0 success.



Rich Knowledge put together for the greater good.

Knowing what we know, it would be almost criminal to not pay it forward. Our publications are aimed at the patrons of Web 3.0 who seek to do their own research on our foundations and use that knowledge to build incredible things.

We also work closely with publication partners, knowledge experts, brands and global teams to produce knowledge content in multiple formats and variable value offering. The goal is to bring together thought leaders across the world to contribute in the success of our clients and the Web 3.0 space, at large.


We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes however, our focus remains on certain core industries that can benefit greatly through the application Web 3.0 technology. Here’s what it holds for you…

BFSI remains one of the biggest industries for application of web 3.0 technologies. We get you the best of BFSI services w/ great modularity & scalability.


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Real Estate & Infrastructure
Consumer-facing, asset-heavy, and financially-stable. These qualities of Web 3.0 greatly support Real Estate along with your future as well.


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E-Commerce & Retail
Innovations such as Web 3.0 will shape the future of modern retail regardless of shape and size. The best time to enter the web 3.0 space is NOW!


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Media & Entertainment
Consumers are hunting immersive experiences and the media industry, just like always, must adapt and scale through web 3.0. Are you ready to?


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Computing & Data
Web 3.0 is the biggest paradigm shift in computing & data storage since the dawn of the cloud. Applications extend beyond our wildest thoughts…


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Security, Robustness & Peace of Mind. Web 3.0 is equipped to grow the healthcare infrastructure and contribute to modern social structures.


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Public Sector
Governments & Public Sector Units can greatly benefit from Web 3.0-enabled infrastructure across community-oriented domains.


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Other Organizations
Organizations of all kinds, including non-profits, can leverage the power of use-case specific Web 3.0 applications as they grow.


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Our universal solutions are aimed at taking a head-on approach in problem-solving. They are highly flexible, customizable, solution-oriented and backed by expertise across domains. Clients who opt for universal solutions not just benefit from a cross-sectoral integration of services but also end up saving millions in costs over time. After all, there’s nothing better than a long-term approach into the future.

Our Approach

At CosDec Alpha, we have a structured, research-backed approach from understanding the needs of the client to delivering ultimate value. The commitment is simple as always – leverage the power of the Web 3.0 to shape your evolution going into the future.

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