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Delivering Stakeholder Value Across Global Avenues

Powered by the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW), we look ourselves as the pioneers in delivering the financial and unique business value a client may be seeking, along with collaborating with our clients to achieve greater progress on ESG, D&I, Workforce Enhanchement, and ulitmately maximizing enterprise value and deepening customer relationships.

Stakeholder Value

Trusted by Global Leaders

Deepening our relationship with clients for facilitating futuristic transformations globally.

We believe we can deliver value to our stakeholders through maximizing value for our clients. Our focus always remains on sustainable value creation.

  • Increase market penetration & size.
  • Facilitate Strong Earnings growth with sustainable margin expansion while investing in growth.
  • Strong cash flow, Disciplined capital allocation, and Significant return to shareholders. Maximum Value.
About the Cosdec Alpha Group

Maximizing Cross-Functional Value for Our Clients & Stakeholders.

Cosdec Alpha is an Award-Winning, Global Consulting Group specializing in Industrial Intelligence. We Lead Advanced Transformations for Organizational & Government Leaders to achieve Deeper Stakeholder Relationships & Enterprise Value Maximization with Intelligent Industrial Web and driven by our Global Management & Technological Prowess.

Cosdec Alpha, the brand, also refers to our Global Consulting Practice – focused on Strategy & Design of Transformation via IIW.

  • Cosdec Alpha
  • Alpha FRL Consulting
  • Cosdec Alpha’s Managed Investing Practice
  • Global Resource Centres
Policy & Collaboration
  • Future Intelligence Chambers
  • Center for IIW Excellence
  • Future Factory
Implementation & Technology
  • Cosdec Labs
  • Captheon
  • Alpha Robotics Hub
  • Global Research Lab
  • Alpha Information Repository Organization
  • Alpha Education Hub
  • IIW Institute
  • Our CSR Offices
  • + More Upcoming Brands (TBD)

Transformation through the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW)


Implementation & Technology


Policy & Executive Collaboration


Education & Social Initiatives


Other Areas


Organized by Verticals, Integrated by Vision.

Cosdec Alpha is a consulting group that is organized into various functional verticals in order to maximize the adoption of the Intelligent Industrial Web and our stakeholder value. While within each vertical our aim is to maximize resource & capital efficiency, on a global level, our resources are structured as shown in the graphic.

Driven for exceptional outcomes

“Our focus going forward remains that we are creating an institution around the IIW such that it becomes the go-to transformation partner for organizations around the world. It is my belief that Cosdec Alpha will achieve that and deliver exceptional outcomes for its Clients & Stakeholders.”

Shreyash MishraGlobal Managing Partner, Cosdec Alpha Group
Shreyash Mishra - Stakeholder

Investing with Us

Cosdec Alpha Group is a private entity, limited by shares, Headquartered in London. At the group level, we do not actively seek direct investments. However, Cosdec Alpha has over 10 brands and initiatives that follow a standard capitalization structure. It is possible for accredited investors and institutions to participate in the growth story of our brands.

In addition, Cosdec Alpha also runs a Corporate AIF with its Managed Investing Division that helps HNI and Funds (Hedge/PE) to invest in Emerging Technologies & Web 3.0.

Cosdec Alpha - Stakeholder Investment
Start Investing

Investor Relations

To invest with us, you can reach out to our legal and investor relations teams at the contact details mentioned below.

HQ: 128 City Road, London EC1V 2NX.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 7362 029309