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Enterprise Digital Reality

Our Physical Reality Made Digitally Available.

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Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW)

Building Digital Realities at scale.

Enterprise Digital Reality (EDR) is an enterprise-grade adaptation of extended reality technologies. It facilitates the creation and management of digital realities that are highly contextual to the respective organization. EDR can boost productivity, reduce costs and increase profitability across verticals in an organization.

EDR can be used to create immersive training and simulation environments that allow employees to learn and practice skills in a safe and controlled environment. It can allow teams to work together and share information in real time, regardless of location.  EDR can be used to create digital prototypes of products and allow designers to test and iterate on their designs in a virtual environment. Ultimately, EDR can create immersive marketing and sales experiences that allow businesses to showcase their products and services in a more engaging and interactive way.


Benefits of the Enterprise Digital Reality (EDR)

Controlled Virtual Environments

Creation & Management of virtual spaces with higher control and customization.

Virtual Remote Operations

EDR allows enterprises to set up remote operations of various elements within their physical infrastructure as well as virtual management of human resources.

Open Ecosystems

EDR can allow for the integration of various IIW technologies as well as assets and creations issued by the organization and third parties to form open collaboration ecosystems.

Digital Real Estate

EDR can scale the use of screen space and bring about digital real estate avenues that significantly impact touchpoints with key stakeholders.

Real-time Insights, Collaboration & Scalability

EDR allows enterprises to have data analysis mechanisms that generate insights on infrastructure, resources and stakeholders. These insights can then be factored into collaboration practices and scaling resources and infrastructure. All in real-time.

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