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Compounded Digital Assets

The foundation for value in a digital economy.

A Part of

Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW)

Interactive assets developed, delivered & consumed digitally.

Compounded Digital Assets (CDA) is the combination of digital assets, wrapped assets, and assets-as-instruments. It brings together the power of public blockchains, Encrypted Nucleus Chain and Stabilized Digital Finance. CDAs can enable organizations to manage, propagate and organize assets effectively and innovatively. It also includes a particular deployment of Non-Fungible Tokens for the enterprise.

In the enterprise context, NFTs can be used to represent a wide variety of assets, including intellectual property, physical assets, and even digital assets such as data or software. For example, a company could use NFTs to represent ownership of a patent, trademark, or copyright, or to track the ownership and transfer of physical assets such as real estate or machinery. NFTs can also be used to represent the ownership of digital assets such as software licenses or access to data.


Benefits of the Encrypted Nucleus Chain (ENC)

Flexible Divisibility

Digital Assets under CDA can be made divisible or indivisible based on their usage and utility parameters.

Cryptographic Ownership

CDA allows for assets to be uniquely hashed such that there is a single version of truth pertaining to the lifecycle of an asset.

Permissioned Transparency

Asset Issuing Enterprises can determine and control transparency metrics and create trust dashboards that leverage the underlying technology of CDA.

Stable Interoperability

Being a natural extension to Stabilized Digital Finance, CDA brings improved stability to assets and also allows for interoperability or exchange of value.

Cross-Domain Integration

CDA serves as a foundational layer for interaction between various IIW technologies as well as legacy systems.

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