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Encrypted Nucleus Chain

The Next-Generation of Enterprise-friendly, Distributed Secure Ledger.

A Part of

Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW)

Immutable, Secure Ledger Solutions for the Enterprise

The Encrypted Nucleus Chain (ENC) is an iteration of a private blockchain that diffuses the computational resources from a single, vulnerable & fault-prone source to a network of internally-connected devices. ENC offers the benefits of a blockchain with a singular focus on being enterprise-friendly. The ENC follows a concentric node model with varied degrees of access, automation, functions, and most importantly – objective fulfillment.

Encrypted Nucleus Chain

Benefits of the Encrypted Nucleus Chain (ENC)


A single device or small cluster cannot significantly impact the functioning of the system


Data once registered on ENC cannot be corrupted through masked inputs or malware.


Information on the ENC cannot be tampered with or deleted even by the owner of the information. Changes or new information is written on top of the old one with appropriate change logs.

Internal Consensus Mechanism

Merited Distribution also allows for establishing internal consensus machines that lead to autonomous decision-making for pre-determined decision types.

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