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Real Estate & Infrastructure

With over $300 Trillion locked in Global Real Estate Assets, the evolution of the Real Estate & Infrastructure into Industrial Intelligence is inevitable and almost natural.

Industry Overview

Bridging Gaps Between Physical & Digital.

The real estate in the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) is one of the hottest discussion and interaction points. It presents a unique opportunity for modularity and scalability in the real estate and infrastructure landscape. The paradigm shift will see more retail investors and consumers enter the market as liquidity increases with faster, more secure deals. In addition to smoother buying and selling transactions, there are other innovative models that can be pursued, such as an “Airbnb-like” model on the Blockchain and Metaverse Real Estate. The opportunities in the market are booming…

Outlook: Expecting A Surge.


While most use cases for the IIW are uniquely built as per organizational needs, there are certain prevalent application themes. Each of these solutions offer a variety of benefits to the implementing organization and can be scaled to growing needs.

“The transition from Managed Real Estate to Community Real Estate has begun.”

Rex PereiraSr. Partner, Cosdec Alpha HQ
Digital Real Estate

Digital Real Estate

Functions of Traditional Real Estate applied in the Metaverse.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that commercial real estate in the metaverse is going to play a huge part in the global real estate industry in the years to come. The real estate in the metaverse, for the most part, has the same type of tasks related to buying, selling and marketing as a traditional real estate company. As prices rise, buyers seek new ways to win over virtual land. Despite the high prices, interest in metaverse real estate continues to grow, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has driven more people online and made them more apt to virtually socialize. Those interested in metaverse real estate also have competition, namely celebrities who have not been shy about touting their digital real estate activity.

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Immersive Presentation
Metaverse | AR/VR

Immersive Presentation

Digital, 3D manifestation of physical properties and assets for immersive user experiences.

A collection of digitally recorded images, sound files, text documents, and other data of historical, scientific, or cultural interest that are presented through electronic media like the Metaverse & AR. An Immersive Presentation does not house actual objects and therefore lacks the permanence offering higher interactivity for users. Your future consumers can experience your offerings even before they are made.

Asset Wrapping
Blockchain | Digital Assets

Asset Wrapping

Digital Representation & Automation of Ownership & Deals of Physical Assets.

A Wrapped Asset is a digital token pegged to or collateralized by an asset such as real estate, art, gold, fiat, etc. Wrapped Assets are a representation the original asset is put in a “wrapper” or “digital vault” that enables the wrapped version to be traded on a blockchain and decentralized exchange.

When coupled with automation and intelligence technologies, this renewed asset class offers multiple benefits. Wrapped Assets enable organizations to generate interest-free cash flow and helps investors to profit from a virtually infinite buffet of investment opportunities.

Other benefits include fractionalized ownership, real-time settlement, programmability, faster transactions, fewer intermediaries, decentralisation and much more.

Asset Fractionalization
Blockchain | Digital Assets


Fractionalized Ownership as an Asset Class for retail investors offering new fundraising & scalability models.

Fractional ownership of buildings, property developments, and infrastructure is becoming one of the key adoption areas for blockchain technology in the real estate business. From democratizing access to real estate investment to improving liquidity in the market, there is an argument to be made for tokenization being a net positive for the real estate space.

Tokenization via fractional real estate investment is also another example of the emerging “sharing economy” that seems to be encouraging crowdfunded ownership, a trend that could help to decentralize the global asset market across several sectors.

With Millennials, the maiden generation of digital natives entering their peak spending years, the digitization of the real estate market could see greater interaction in the market from this particular demographic.

However, as is the case with fractional ownership as a whole, tokenized real estate investing does come with its share of drawbacks. Given the novel nature of the enterprise, financing options can often be limited, leading to less liquidity in the market and an overall flexibility deficit.

Our Approach

At Cosdec Alpha, we have a structured, research-backed approach from understanding the needs of the client to delivering ultimate value. The commitment is simple as always – leverage the power of the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) to shape your evolution going into the future. We do not believe in one-night stands of business when it comes to serving our clients. Our focus is always on building long-term value for the organization we work with. It is a marriage of vision and impeccable execution and we partner with only those clients who truly understand that. We know that we can deliver the future to you however, the question remains, are you truly ready for your future?

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