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Computing & Data Storage

Web 3.0 is incomplete without Computing specific applications. The backbone of Web 3 relies on millions of interoperable nodes.

Industry Overview

More Nodes, Infinite Possibilities.

Decentralized Computing serves as the backbone of the Web 3.0 ecosystem but is also considerably enhanced by it. Web 3.0 technologies can be used to reduce computing power wastage and improve efficiency. Due to the decentralized nature of distributed ledger networks firms would enjoy more benefits if they use computing resources from blockchain-based providers. Beyond security, there is resilience and the avoidance of a single-point-of-failure. From decentralized computing portals, deploying firms enjoy 100 percent up-time, by-passing eras of service disruption that cost losses running into millions. A failure of cloud services have repeatedly forced many websites offline. This would be a thing of the past because of the redundancy of networks providing decentralized cloud computing services. The entire ecosystem offers many solutions to firms of the future that extend beyond the obvious.

Outlook: Highly Lucrative


While most use cases for the Web 3.0 are uniquely built as per organizational needs, there are certain prevalent application themes. Each of these solutions offer a variety of benefits to the implementing organization and can be scaled to growing needs.

“Imagine having a billion servers working for you, that's decentralized computing in short.”

Shreyash MishraManaging Partner, CosDec Alpha
Decentralized Computing
Blockchain | AI/ML

Decentralized Computing

Millions of Scalable Nodes, 100% Uptime, Security & Immutability. That's every CTO's dream.

Every existing solution in the physical world has a better alternative in the digital realm. The shift has been beneficial, especially for centralized corporations in the first two decades of the new millennium. The advent of blockchain and the demonstration of its capabilities is proving to be an equalizer. According to Research, the business value added by the blockchain would rise to $3.1 trillion by 2030, up from $176 billion in 2025. With this forecast, many venture capitalists now invest in platforms integrating decentralized architectures due to expanding use cases.

The essence of decentralized computing, however, is not infrastructure but rather ignorance: No entity amasses enough information to solve the problem on its own. Each participant sees a piece of the overall input and generates a piece of the output; in the end everything works out just so, as if a single all-knowing solver were at work.

Why decentralize? Sometimes the inputs for a given problem are inherently scattered, and collecting them would be a bother. Privacy concerns recommend decentralization when entrusting a single entity with all relevant information is feasible yet unwise; just as striving for efficiency reduces effort, striving for decentralization reduces disclosure. Designing decentralized algorithms can yield insights that improve parallel and distributed algorithms. Most importantly, decentralized methods are sometimes the best way to solve practical problems.

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Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure

With growing Web 3.0 adoption & needs, enterprises need to build scalable infrastructure to back their progress.

Web 3.0 being an inherently open ecosystem offers multitudes of service options and applications. Identifying, Evaluating, Creating & Managing apps for a full-scale enterprise infrastructure is a highly complex activity.

We work with our clients in designing, managing and scaling these complex infrastructures crafted to their organizational needs. The proposition in such projects is simple – reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure scalability.

Our Approach

At CosDec Alpha, we have a structured, research-backed approach from understanding the needs of the client to delivering ultimate value. The commitment is simple as always – leverage the power of Web 3.0 to shape your evolution going into the future. We do not believe in one-night stands of business when it comes to serving our clients. Our focus is always on building a long-term value for the organization we work with. It is a marriage of vision and impeccable execution and we partner with only those clients who truly understand that. We know that we can deliver the future to you however, the question remains, are you truly ready for your future?

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