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Cosdec Alpha’s Research & Innovation Centre

Our Research & Innovation serves as the bedrock for all futuristic transformations we undertake for our clients. It is also the leading organization for the development and propagation of the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW).

Building A Foundation for Future Organizations

Our Research & Innovation serves as the bedrock for all futuristic transformations we undertake for our clients. It is also the leading organization for the development and propagation of the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW).

Headquartered in London, our research teams work from all across the world bringing together the best of cross-dimensional knowledge, insights, cultural understanding, specialized skills and moreover, a determination to build the future.

Our R&I centre works to enrich Cosdec Alpha’s Knowledge Networks, Information Repository, Think Tank Initiatives, Project Research & Industry Contributions.

Our Knowledge

Cosdec Alpha's Knowledge Network

Our Knowledge Network is a large network of highly-skilled professionals, experts, advisors, and managers that bring specialized skills to our research and project operations.

Our Knowledge Network is spread across 50 countries, 80 Industries/Niches, 500+ Skills and over 1,500 professionals. At any point, Cosdec Alpha can solicit the expertise of this network for a project. It is managed by the Research & Innovation Centre which also works to empower our teams with knowledge from this network and vice versa.

Knowledge Deployment Handbook

The success of our projects and initiatives relies on how well we aggregate and apply knowledge. Most of the team members at Cosdec Alpha possess a great understanding of the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) and corresponding technologies however, our real success comes from the ability to combine our technological prowess with a great understanding of Management & Business Systems.

The Knowledge Deployment Handbook is written by our Founding Partners – Shreyash Mishra & Rex Pereira along with their personal teams and experience of the Research & Innovation Centre. It is a Comprehensive Guide to Aggregating, Analysing, and Deploying Knowledge within our cases and initiatives. Cosdec Alpha prides itself as a knowledge-led firm and is also acknowledged by international institutions for the same. In the spirit of sustaining and enriching our knowledge, the firm publishes a Knowledge Deployment Handbook (KDH), such as this one, for efficient and systematic growth.

Creators of the Intelligent Industrial Web

Cosdec Alpha’s Research & Innovation Centre is the birthplace of the Intelligent Industrial Web and serves as the incubation point for its evolutionary activities.

The Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) is an application mechanism for futuristic technologies that promotes a stable and secure deployment for the enterprise while ensuring modularity in functions and scalability of resources. It packages technologies that leverage a solution-driven approach to create scalable systems. The IIW ensures higher control, compliance, output integrity and ultimately, stable innovation in the long term.

Our Functions

Case Research

The Research & Innovation Centre was established to achieve one simple goal – to provide research & analysis support to Cosdec Alpha’s Case team. The R&I Centre has long functioned as a powerhouse for all specific research needs of a project as well as to serve our clients in specialized research projects.

Over the years, we have grown our research prowess and have achieved staggering numbers in terms of our capabilities.

Hours of Research
Data Points

Advanced Analysis

In addition to Case Research, we also run our own advanced analytics division that focuses on aggregating data and identifying meaningful patterns with it. Our work serves as the foundation for the Core AI of Cosdec Alpha’s Enterprise Intelligence Suite – Captheon.

Product Innovation

It would be terrible if all our Research & Analysis remain underutilized. We channel our inner scientists to develop a variety of products, individual features and experiences for Cosdec Alpha Group.

The Industries We Transform

Banking, Finance & Insurance (BFSI)

The BFSI remains to be one of the most impacted sectors. The possibilities and benefits for adopting IIW are endless and are only going to increase with time.

Real Estate & Infrastructure

With over $300 Trillion locked in Global Real Estate Assets, the evolution of the Real Estate & Infrastructure into IIW is inevitable and almost natural.

E-Commerce & Retail

Being a consumer-facing industry, Industrial Intelligence presents a wide range of possibilities for the future of Retail & E-Commerce. New experiences directly translate into deeper consumer relationships & increased retention.

Supply Chain

If any industry can truly benefit from the application of Industrial Intelligence, it is the Supply Chain. Whether its a part of an organization or standalone operations.


The IIW is bound to make a progressive impact in healthcare as well. Ability to analyze and create context over data with Industrial Intelligence will drive a lot of innovations happening in the healthcare space.

Public Sector

No industrial application is as relevant as are the ones in the Public Sector. The core principles of the futuristic paradigm are oriented towards creating better outcomes for the 'public.'

Computing & Data Storage

Industrial Intelligence is incomplete without Computing specific applications. The backbone of IIW relies on millions of interoperable nodes and stakeholders.

Media & Entertainment

Media has rapidly evolved along with the internet and IIW will be no stranger to that evolution. It is facilitating a shift from Centralized Media Houses to a Creator-first Economy.

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Our Approach

Bringing The Future To You…

The Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) can span across a large playing field with multivariate opportunities for all. We approach these technologies on a need-first basis while boasting deeper consumer relationships and higher enterprise value. At Cosdec Alpha, we have a structured, research-backed approach from understanding the needs of the client to delivering ultimate value. The commitment is simple as always – leverage the power of IIW to shape your evolution going into the future.

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