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An Enterprise Intelligence Product Ecosystem.

Captheon Suite



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An Enterprise Intelligence Ecosystem for You

Capitalism has existed for centuries. It has been challenged and disrupted but in face of every challenge, it evolved and adapted to the needs of the time. Captheon was born out of a need to support the inception, development, and paradigm shift into Neo-Capitalism. It was born to change the way a modern organization conducts itself.

Captheon is an Enterprise Intelligence Ecosystem by Cosdec Alpha for the modern corporate world. It is aimed to serve the financial, governance, and operational needs of companies and non-profits of all sizes. While in its early stages, the ecosystem is pegged to replace legacy systems and reinvent the methods of the past. Over the course of the next few years, Captheon will introduce well-crafted, intelligent applications – beyond the existing ones – in the areas of corporate finance, internal governance, and operations. At its peak, the ecosystem will be responsible for managing and influencing the maximum of the actions that are carried out in an organization.

Each of these applications in the Captheon Suite is built upon an extremely complicated technology infrastructure with millions of lines of code and trillions of data points. All are geared towards one simple objective – Making Capitalistic Systems Intelligent.

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Newly Launched

Introducing Intellities by Captheon

A Unified Platform to help you Monitor, Control, and Automate Your Facility Operations at Your Fingertips.

Rich in Features, Richer in Value.

  • Blockchain-based Activity & Data Storage
  • AI/ML Enabled Functions
  • Voice/Metaverse Compatible
  • Intelligent Insights & Reporting
  • On-Demand DeFi and CBDC Integration
  • Active Product Maintenance, Updates & Support
  • High Scalability & Sustainability
  • Fully Compatible with the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW)

The Captheon Suite

The best of intelligent apps put together in one unified suite enhanced by the Intelligent Industrial Web & Captheon’s Core AI Engine – Capty.

Advanced Humans

A secure and smart human resource management and people operations software.

CFO IntelliAssist

A Smart Finance Application mimicking a CFO’s practice – Accounting, Budgeting, Live Audits, Projections, Consolidations, Insights and more.


A deal-making and agreement management platform with blockchain-based contracts and document storage.


A blockchain-based document storage, management, security, and reporting system with secure datarooms.


Intelligent Board Management, Corporate Governance, and Executive Control Software.


A 3D Virtual Space (Metaverse-version) of an Organization’s website powered by AR/VR, AI/ML and Digital Assets.


An Investment Intelligence Platform that uses AI/ML to automate the complete investment process from Deal Sourcing to Deal Signing for Venture Capital and Private Equity.


Digital twins-based complex machinery control panel with monitoring, control and reporting


An advanced AI-led outreach management software along with real-time improvements and controls.


A GDPR-compliant, live reporting & tracking platform for transparency & privacy data along with internal data access management.


A Counterfeiting Protection protocol for physical products.

Supply King

A supply chain enhancement suite with advanced monitoring, control and reporting functions. Additionally, equipped with Facilities Management features powered with advanced AI and RPA protocols.

Captheon’s Impact

Improved Decision Making

By providing access to a wide range of data and insights, Captheon can help organizations make more informed and accurate decisions.

Increased Efficiency

Captheon can automate many tasks related to data analysis, freeing up time for employees to focus on other important tasks.

Enhanced Collaboration

The Captheon Suite includes features that make it easier for team members to collaborate and share insights and data with each other.

Greater Visibility

Captheon provides a centralized view of data and insights, giving organizations a better understanding of their operations and performance.

Better Forecasting

Captheon helps organizations forecast future trends and outcomes based on historical data, allowing them to make more informed plans and strategies.

Enhanced Competitiveness

By providing access to valuable insights and data, the Captheon Suite helps organizations stay ahead of their competitors and make better-informed business decisions.

The Captheon Suite is Customized For You

Each application in the Captheon Suite is customized to fit the needs of the organization before it is deployed. An ideal customization can take from 8 to 40 Weeks. Our approach takes into account advanced research and analysis, solution mapping and customized deployment. We work with our clients to deploy the Captheon applications On-Premise or on the Cloud, as required. Additional details can be provided on request.

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