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Public Sector

No application of the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) is as relevant as are the ones in the Public Sector. The core principles of the futuristic paradigm are oriented towards creating better outcomes for the 'public.'

Industry Overview

For The People. Always.

Everything about the IIW is oriented towards the larger well-being of society. There are no definitive boundaries to what we can achieve together as a group. As policymakers globally navigate the sphere, there are some applications oriented towards the public sector.

The Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) can revolutionize how Governments around the world function and deliver value to their electorate. We help these Governments and Public Officials in creating solutions for social change and nation-building.

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While most use cases for the IIW are uniquely built as per organizational needs, there are certain prevalent application themes. Each of these solutions offers a variety of benefits to the implementing organization and can be scaled to growing needs.

“IIW's integration in the Public Sector is as natural a rainy Monday morning.”

Ben KratzPublic Policy Advisor
Identity Management

Identity Management

Cryptographically created, stored and managed entities for secure access and authorization protocols.

Identity has a problem. If it’s paper-based, such as birth certificates sitting idly in a basement, it’s subject to loss, theft of fraud. The lack of interoperability between departments and government levels takes a toll in the form of excess bureaucracy. Which, in turn, increases processes’ times and costs.

A digital identity reduces the level of bureaucracy and increases the speed of processes within organisations by allowing for a greater interoperability between departments and other institutions. However, if this digital identity is stored on a centralised server, it becomes a target for hackers.

That’s where Blockchain comes to party with verifiable credentials, secure records and immutability. Blockchain-based IAM solutions offer a variety of benefits across use cases that extend beyond the public sector.

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Legal Infrastructure
Blockchain | AI/ML

Legal Infrastructure

Composed, Agreed, Delivered, and Enforced - All Digitally. The combination of intelligence and security bring new opportunities to legal landscape.

Lawyers can leverage blockchain technology to streamline and simplify their transactional work, digitally sign and immutably store legal agreements. Using scripted text, smart contracts, and automated contract management reduces excessive time spent preparing, personalizing and maintaining standard law documents. These cost savings are passed on to the customer. Additionally, blockchain democratizes access to the justice system by cutting down on consumer complexity and lowering hefty legal fees.

Additionally, Government can benefit from the digitization of legal documents such as property registration, custom declarations, judicial orders, etc.

Value Transfer
Blockchain | CBDC

Value Transfer

Transfer of Value between Government Bodies and Individual Entities.

Transfer of Value happens quite frequently between the people and their government. Most of these transfers are monetary in nature and can benefit from the use of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or a legitimate cryptocurrency. The main goal of CBDCs is to provide businesses and consumers with privacy, transferability, convenience, accessibility, and financial security. CBDCs also decrease the maintenance a complex financial system requires, reduce cross-border transaction costs, and provide those who currently use alternative money transfer methods with lower-cost options.

With the use of CBDC, Governments can collect direct taxes, duties, and fines and conduct additional monetary transactions. Additionally, it can also use CBDCs to transfer benefits, grants, paybacks, compensations and much more to its citizens. All through a secure, fast, verified and streamlined method.

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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

There is no better way to reach your electorates and the global audience than their own screens.

Physical spaces have a set capacity to host audiences and deliver experiences. That, however, does not apply to the IIW. Never before has an opportunity as starkly distinctive as this one existed in the domain of community outreach.

Governments can reach their people where they are and engage at various levels. Political parties can hold rallies, referendums can be held at 100x lesser costs, grievances can be addressed without physical presence and local interactivity can reach to new levels. Community Outreach via IIW will define the new world order.

Our Approach

At Cosdec Alpha, we have a structured, research-backed approach from understanding the needs of the client to delivering ultimate value. The commitment is simple as always – leverage the power of Industrial Intelligence to shape your evolution going into the future. We do not believe in one-night stands of business when it comes to serving our clients. Our focus is always on building long-term value for the organization we work with. It is a marriage of vision and impeccable execution and we partner with only those clients who truly understand that. We know that we can deliver the future to you however, the question remains, are you truly ready for your future?

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