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Overview of Web 3.0


Web 3.0 is the third and latest iteration of the internet shaped by a variety of technologies like Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, NFT, Extended Reality, AI/ML, etc. Here’s a video by our friends at Harvard Business Review (HBR) to help you understand the evolution of Web 3.0:

Why Adopt Web 3.0?

The decision to undergo a complete transformation into Web 3.0 will perhaps be one of the biggest and most futuristically impactful decisions of your life. There are multivariate reasons that you should do so but the top 3 are – Market Opportunity, Competitive Advantage, and the Future of Interactivity.

Market Opportunity

Research suggest that by 2035, the Total Addressable Market (TAM) of Web 3.0 technologies will exceed $40 Trillion.

Competitive Advantage

The sheer size of the market opportunity will attract a lot more global brands to Web 3, if not already done.

Consumer Interactivity

The way we interact with our consumers is about to change forever whether we jump on the bandwagon or not.

Web 3.0 by the Numbers

Combined Market Cap
Current Web 3 CAGR

How To Embrace Web 3.0?

If you are looking to build your future in the Web 3.0 space, it is recommended you take a structured, measured and balanced approach. In that case, there are three areas of work, as mentioned below.

Organizational Audit

It is best you start with a comprehensive audit of your organization to understand the ideal areas, methodologies and intensity of Web 3 adoption.

Solution Design

Once you have finalized your strategic entry into Web 3.0, it is recommended that you work to design each solution specifically to its last detail.


Banking on the Solution Designs, the Web 3.0 initiative must then be developed, tested and deployed with active community engagement.

Development Landscape

Web 3.0 is massive, to say the least, and must be approached with utmost precision (immutability can kill you!). The following technology landscape provides a look into the leading solutions in various areas of the Web3.

Web3 Stack

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