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Cosdec Alpha is a Global Web 3.0 Consulting & Innovation company. We help organizational leaders navigate and build their firm’s future in the Web 3.0 backed by our research, network, and domain expertise to drive deeper consumer relations and enterprise value.

We work with our partners on various fronts to improve outcomes for them and our clients. The idea of a partner network is a collective creation of value and seamless contribution to the future of Web 3.0. Having a multi-dimensional approach to web 3 solutions, we boast a network of partners across domains including the following.

Marketing, Event & Sales

Management Consulting

Freelancers & Developers

Crypto Trading


Content Publishers & News

Model & Benefits

Our model for partnerships is usually split in two parts – (a) Resource Sharing & Support and (b) Outreach. Under the resource sharing and support model. we work with our partners to either provide a specific web 3 service to their clients or solicit their expertise and support in servicing our own clients. The outreach model entails a more simpler way of simply connecting our partners to clients that require their services and vice versa. The partnership model is aimed at creating value for the patrons of our partners and that of Cosdec Alpha in addition to combined benefits to all parties.

Benefits to our Partners

Increased Revenue

More Recognition

Improved Customer Relationships

Extensive Value Creation

Higher Resource Availability

Other Domain-Specific Benefits