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Cosdec Alpha is extremely elated to announce that it is now able to serve businesses, organizations, and authorities in the Futuristic City of NEOM. This announcement comes under the company’s initiative to drive global Web 3.0 Adoption. As an officially approved (by NEOM Administration) organization, Cosdec Alpha will now be available for enterprises and the government of NEOM for their Web 3.0 needs.


For decades, humans have envisioned the future of civilizations through sci-fi movies and conceptual products by corporations. Never have we come close to the realization of the pipe dream of creating a world like Walt Disney’s movie – Tomorrowland starring the age-defyingly handsome George Clooney. However, we aren’t that far away as well. The vision of Saudi Arabia’s project NEOM can be a significant step in creating that utopia we always imagined.

The city, NEOM, was announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman at the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 24, 2017. The initiative emerged from Saudi Vision 2030, a plan that seeks to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil, diversify its economy, and develop public service sectors. The goal of this city is to create a modern, exemplary socio-economic reality for the world to consider as the benchmark for sustainable and futuristic urban development. In our opinion, this goal would be incomplete without the integration of Web 3.0. Fortunately, the Saudi Arabian authorities, led by Mr Nadhmi Al-Nasr, agree.

NEOM would not become a global hub without working effectively and efficiently with the industry leaders of today. In the grand scheme of things, today’s industry leaders, along with disruptive companies and the Management of NEOM will together shape the future of generations to come. In that spirit, Cosdec Alpha perceived it to be prudent to ensure that our services were available to enterprises within NEOM’s futuristic vision.

The Alpha-NEOM Vision

A bar conversation from the junior levels of the company reached the Senior Leadership and the idea of creating our vision for the city, enabled by Web 3.0, was born. Cosdec Alpha’s grand vision for creating a utopia in NEOM that we so dearly call the Alpha-NEOM Vision.

A blueprint powered by Web 3.0 for the future of civilization in which humanity progresses with the ultimate well-being of the people, organisations, and the planet at the forefront.

The Vision for NEOM & Web 3.0

Cosdec Alpha’s Future in the City

Cosdec Alpha considers it not just a privilege but a moral responsibility to help businesses and authorities alike in shaping their future and drive value and engagement with their patrons. To put it in perspective, this is what our leader for Global Adoption had to say:

“I would like to thank the authorities of the City of NEOM for allowing Cosdec Alpha to be a verified supplier to organizations in the city. In addition, I would like to congratulate everyone working towards achieving the vision of the city. Especially, the NEOM Digital Technology company lead by Mr. Bradley. This is great step in our efforts to drive Web 3.0 adoption globally in a sustainable, stable fashion. I look forward to collaborating with global and local brands as well as the authorities to create a Web3-driven future.”

Rex Pereira, Senior Partner – Global Web 3.0 Adoption

NEOM’s Futuristic Epitomization of Web 3.0

This paper is a concept generated by Cosdec Alpha for the application of Web 3.0 in the city of NEOM. We believe that NEOM’s quest to become a new socio-economic for the world can not only be supported but also boosted by the integration of the technologies of Web 3. In this paper, we cover an overview of what the city is and its initiatives. Furthermore, we detail our vision, documented by our Managing Partner – Shreyash Mishra, on what a Web 3.0-enabled economy looks like. Ultimately, we bring together our vision of a Web 3-enabled NEOM in words. Banking on the example of NEOM, this paper is not only a futuristic dive into a world full of possibilities for NEOM but also a primer on how cities of the future can adapt and leverage modern technologies.

Team Cosdec Alpha

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