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LONDON: Since the inception of key web3 technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the following addition of other futuristic technologies, the ecosystem has been prone to volatility. While part of a larger business cycle, the volatility introduces high risk to people and companies associated with the ecosystem. As a result, traditional institutions such as banks, regulatory authorities and governments find it hard to trust such entities. This is not a statement about the people involved but the overall perception of the industry they are in. However, trust can be introduced into the system.

Cosdec Alpha has worked with numerous international clients and jurisdictions leading to the company being exposed to an understanding of key regulatory and legal concepts. We find it critical to our core offerings that in addition to the futuristic technologies, we also offer our clients help in global jurisdictions. In that spirit, Cosdec Alpha has formed a specialized team with significant global partnerships that can help our clients effectively navigate the Financial (Banking & More), Regulatory, and Legal (FRL) Structures without sacrificing the integrity of their offerings.

We, at Cosdec Alpha, are proud to announce that we now offer FRL services to select clientele and help them achieve global independence of operations. Our services can be availed by any of our clients provided they pass our initial screening and due diligence. Our teams are committed to helping our clients with a variety of services including high-risk banking, licenses, M&A, company formations & structuring, Citizenships of Sr. Executives, local laws, and custom-made solutions.

We can work with our international clients in a lot of ways depending on their objectives, goals and future orientation. We outline certain service areas of engagement (retail/enterprise) on which our alliance can be based upon.

Global Banking

Cosdec Alpha can assist in opening corporate and individual multi-currency accounts with dedicated IBAN/SWIFT and SEPA payment options with our top-performing partners across Europe and in offshore jurisdictions. We specialise in providing brick-and-mortar solutions even for traditionally unbanked, high-risk clients such as Forex, Crypto and Gambling service providers (or a mix of those). We can facilitate the opening of accounts at industry-leading rates, low fees, and record timeframes.

International Licensing

As a lot of Cosdec Alpha’s work revolves around web3, the decentralized finance side of operations usually demands regulatory approvals of various kinds. Cosdec Alpha’s FRL teams work with clients to obtain licenses in multiple jurisdictions and of multiple types. It is also vital to note that licensing activities are typically processes spanning months and therefore require continuous coordination and information exchange. License types include banking, crypto exchanges, forex, etc.

International Incorporation, Structures, and M&A.

In setting up global decentralized operations, projects are typically required to have a legal identity in various jurisdictions. In 2020, an average cryptocurrency operation had over five incorporations with some outliers having over 40 registered entities. International Incorporation of companies becomes vital when it comes to ensuring legal stability and regulatory protection. Cosdec Alpha can assist our client with incorporation solutions in over 100 jurisdictions and in as little as one week from point of application. With our seamless system, and at a competitive price point, our clients value both our speed and customer service.

Cosdec Alpha & its Legal Wing has identified and accumulated a host of ready companies that can be acquired to streamline legal, regulatory and financial processes. We offer a unique portfolio of companies that suits businesses looking to diversify. Furthermore, we also offer shelf companies, as well as companies with bank accounts with, and without, a history of operations. At the same time, companies whose nature of the business can be changed in their registration are also provided. We are also fortunate to be able to broker the sale of high-revenue stream companies for businesses looking to expand into a particular market with advanced tech-enabled solutions.

We cover key jurisdictions such as the UK, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, Turkey, New Zealand, Czech Republic for ready-made acquisitions. At the same time, the jurisdiction list for standard shelf companies is considerably larger.

Immigration & Legal Counsel

In addition to setting up a firm, our immigration lawyers also help executives attain second citizenship. We are committed to aiding executives when acquiring a second nationality in as little as one month, subject to conditions and jurisdictions.

We have experts that can work in various global jurisdictions including the UK, Monaco, New Zealand and other key destinations for ease of business and lifestyle.

Cosdec Alpha maintains a network of qualified and experienced lawyers with significant exposure to web3 and the Intelligent Industrial Web. Our teams can assist you in navigating existing legal matters surrounding futuristic technologies as well as help create a legal foundation for future operations.

The Way Forward

We understand that matters of finance, regulations and law are unique to every organization and their offerings. Therefore, Cosdec Alpha actively works with its clients to understand and design custom solutions with options of extending additional services and coalescence with Cosdec Alpha’s core business – global web 3.0 consulting.

“The introduction of our FRL division marks a new phase of global serviceability for Cosdec Alpha, especially given that now we have access to over 100 jurisdictions. It also reiterates our committment to ensuring that we offer end-to-end services to our clients beyond just technological consulting. Cosdec Alpha has always been a consulting company that has focused greatly on ensuring business, financial, legal and cultural sustainability in addition to adoption of futuristic technologies. This is just a step forward in that direction. We welcome global enterprises and executives to join us in this quest to build on the Intelligent Industrial Web and do so with great stability.”

Shreyash Mishra, Global Managing Partner.

All Financial, Regulatory and Legal service requests are fulfilled by the Office of the Managing Partner at Cosdec Alpha Headquarters in London. Given the sensitive nature of work and global complexities, every client is thoroughly checked, qualified and authorized by the Managing Partner’s office. For initiating a service request, the potential clients are requested to either contact our Global Managing Partner, Head of Global Adoption or the International Client Servicing Office at [email protected].

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