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with web3 technologies like Blockchain, Decentralized Finance,
Extended Reality, AI/ML, IoT and much more…

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Futuristic Technologies As A Competitive Edge.

Built upon the core concepts of decentralization, openness, and greater user utility, Web 3.0 represents the next phase of the evolution of the Internet and as big a paradigm shift as any. It provides a unique, tailor-made opportunity for organizations to build and scale consumer-centric systems and enjoy deeper relationships than ever before. We leverage the core web3 technologies like Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, Metaverse, etc. to help you get ahead of your competition.


Market Potential

400 Mn+

Global Users

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Cosdec Alpha helps Senior Executives & Business Owners Analyze Their Company’s Readiness for the Web 3.0 Space with our Human + AI Analyzer.

Building Your Future...

Cosdec Alpha is an Award-Winning, Global Consulting & Innovation company focused on leading organizational transformation into Web 3.0. We work with institutions and governments to plan, build, manage and scale tailor-made Web 3.0 strategies and solutions. Our commitment is simple - to help you navigate and build your future in the next generation of internet with our deep expertise and networks.

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Our Capabilities


Includes dApps, Distributed Ledger, Smart Contracts, Blockchain Architecture, etc.

Blockchain is touted, and rightly so, as the infrastructure for the future of the internet. Our services are designed to cover your blockchain needs from ideation to deployment and continued management.

Solutions Offered

Blockchain Solution Design, Adaptive Engineering, Research & Analytics.

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Decentralized Finance

Includes Tokenizing, Investing, Staking, Lending Protocols for Cryptocurrency, NFTs and other Digital Assets.

DeFi, especially due to exposure to cryptocurrency, is a highly debated and contested topic worldwide due to its complex and volatile nature. We aim to simplify it and tailor offerings that meet the desired outcomes of our clients. Our Defi approach is that of De-risking and Maximizing Gains.

Solutions Offered

Trade Consultation, Regulatory Strategy, Research & Analytics, Managed Investing

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Digital Assets

Includes Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Wrapped Assets, etc.

Digital Assets range from digital currencies to tokenized assets like NFTs and wrapped physical assets. Primarily reliant on the blockchain, digital assets boost offerings across various use cases. We work closely with our clients on their digital strategy and asset management operations.

Solutions Offered

Creation & Management, Regulatory Strategy, Research & Analytics, Managed Investing

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Extended Reality

Includes AR/VR, Metaverse, Virtual Worlds, 3D Content, Immersites, and more.

The Extended Reality market, led by the Metaverse, is going to rake in multi-trillion dollars in revenue in the next decade. It is one of the fastest-growing digital spaces and has incredible disruptive potential. We assist our clients in leveraging this opportunity and making the most of their presence in the virtual worlds.

Solutions Offered

Creation & Management, Regulatory Strategy, Research & Analytics, Adaptive Engineering.

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Universal Solutions

Includes a Complete Web3 Transformation or a combination of disciplines.

We like to tell our clients that think of Universal Solutions as a unique combo of services crafted to suit your needs. As we offer these services, our focus remains on creating an ultimate solution to the needs instead of pre-packaged offerings.

Solutions Offered

Specialized Research, Comprehensive Strategy & Transformation, Resource Management, Exploration Exercises.

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We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes however, our focus remains on certain core industries that can benefit greatly through the application Web 3.0 technology. Here’s what it holds for you…

BFSI remains one of the biggest industries for application of web 3.0 technologies. We get you the best of BFSI services w/ great modularity & scalability.


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Real Estate & Infrastructure
Consumer-facing, asset-heavy, and financially-stable. These qualities of Web 3.0 greatly support Real Estate along with your future as well.


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E-Commerce & Retail
Innovations such as Web 3.0 will shape the future of modern retail regardless of shape and size. The best time to enter the web 3.0 space is NOW!


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Media & Entertainment
Consumers are hunting immersive experiences and the media industry, just like always, must adapt and scale through web 3.0. Are you ready to?


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Computing & Data
Web 3.0 is the biggest paradigm shift in computing & data storage since the dawn of the cloud. Applications extend beyond our wildest thoughts…


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Security, Robustness & Peace of Mind. Web 3.0 is equipped to grow the healthcare infrastructure and contribute to modern social structures.


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Public Sector
Governments & Public Sector Units can greatly benefit from Web 3.0-enabled infrastructure across community-oriented domains.


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Other Organizations
Organizations of all kinds, including non-profits, can leverage the power of use-case specific Web 3.0 applications as they grow.


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We work with clients across various areas including strategy, advisory, asset creation, design & deployment, managed investing and much more. We understand the vastness of the Web 3.0 ecosystem and leverage our deep expertise, networks and research to deliver well-crafted solutions for our global clients.